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Gujarat based BPO Motif adds two new centers in Ahmedabad, Philippines

Correspondent, Ahmedabad:

California headquartered, Ahmedabad based Business Process Outsourcing(BPO) company Motif today announced addition of two new delivery centers in India and Philippines. New facility in Ellis bridge area of Ahmedabad in India has 780 seat capacity. This is Motif’s second delivery center in Ahmedabad. New 100 seat delivery center in Philippines will be the second in this country. The earlier facility in Philippines has 450 seats. With this Motif’s total number of employees will touch 2,000 that includes 1,525 in two centers in Gujarat and 475 in two centers in Philippines

Motif which is a 16-year old BPO company with 20 international clients(mostly from America including Fortune 500 companies) is led by former Intel employee Parul Mehta and former Sun Microsystems employee Kaushal Mehta who are alumnites of Ahmedabad based L.D. Engineering college. Mehtas returned to Gujarat after working for 10 years in America and started Motif here over one and half decade ago.

According to Kaushal Mehta, Philippines has been chosen for setting up delivery centers because Filipinos speak English with American accents which is more suitable for American clients who need voice support. Mehta added that Gujarat based delivery centers will continue to do back office, email and chat support, fraud prevention, e-commerce support, fraudulent auction prevention etc tasks for overseas clients.

Mehtas on occasion of launching of their new center in Ahmedabad announced Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) activity that involves construction of 1,000 toilets in three villages near Kapadvanj in central Gujarat. The works are going on at present through five teams in Punadra village that has 504 families.

Source: Desh Gujarat

US BPO firm Motif mulls expansion in India

Ahmedabad, Jun 16 (PTI)

Motif, a US-headquartered business process outsourcing (BPO) company, has announced that it would expand its base in India by adding almost 1.2 lakh square feet of office space in Ahmedabad. Companys founder and CEO Kaushal Mehta said they are in talks with realty players in this regard. “With the latest addition of 2 new delivery centres, one each in the Philippines and in the city (Ahmedabad), we think that our current capacity in the Philippines would be enough for next one year. Now our focus is to add more capacity in the city, where we are having two centres at present,” Mehta said.

“We think we may run out of space in the next one year and may need some more space to open new centres here,” he said. The privately-held company has around 20 clients, mostly from the US and UK, said Mehta.

Motif also announced that it will construct 1,000 toilets in three remote villages of Kheda district of Gujarat as part of CSR initiative.

“Around 500 will be built in Punadara village of Kheda while remaining will be built in two neighboring villages. The company will incur a cost of Rs 1 crore on this project,” said Mehta.

Source: The Economic Times