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Motif Sanitation Project

Motif has committed to construct 1,000(One Thousand) low cost toilets and Village Reformation Project in two to three villages in Ahmedabad and neighboring districts around our Project site in Ahmedabad (in the villages- Punadara and 2 other villages, which is near to Punadara) for the people under poverty and needy.

Many people in India still do not have access to toilets and good sanitation, as a result outdoor defecation continues in communities. It leads to wide spread diseases and health issues. Considering all these aspects Motif has taken construction of toilets for the people under poverty and changing their sanitation habits as one of its focus CSR initiatives areas since 2015.

The non- availability of clean and hygienic toilets is a social matter of concern but the larger issue is the change of attitude and mind set of the people. This is a socio cultural issue and appropriate awareness and education is required to change the attitude of the people towards relieving/defecating in public. So our intervention focus will be on awareness and demand creation for toilets, instead of doling out toilets.

Motif has implemented a structured annual engagement plan wherein its employees will visit the chosen villages bi-weekly. They will monitor progress and interact with villagers to create awareness about the need for sanitation and hygiene. Over 504 home owners have already come forward in just one village and registered their homes for toilet construction.

On the occasion, Mr. Kaushal Mehta, Founder & CEO, Motif, Inc., said, “As we grow our business, we want to continue building on our vision of ‘continuous value creation for our customers, employees, investors and society.’ Our new centers in India and the Philippines will be driven by customer acquisitions. Our CSR initiative to build 1000 toilets is guided by our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Swachha Bharat mission’ and his call to build toilets to make India open defecation free by 2019.