What should my academic background be?

Depending on the location and the program you are applying for, Motif prefers a graduate degree in the relevant area. At times, this may be waived when there is suitable work experience. For each program, the relevant domain experience is desirable: currently, credit card processing, analytics, knowledge management and travel industry are appropriate.

What are the characteristics that you look for in candidates?

Motif looks for integrity, intensity and intellect in all candidates. Our preferred candidates would be those who clearly exhibit these traits and are passionate about excellence and teamwork.

What does the recruitment process involve?

Shortlisted candidates will undergo an interview with HR to ensure that the candidate understands the job profile, Motif work culture, 24x7 work environment and basic compensation details. Candidates who clear this interview will take a series of tests depending on the program; it may include essay writing, verbal English skill assessment and capabilities of analysis. Candidates who attain the required scores for the specific program will attend a final interview with the respective program management.

Does Motif offer part-time employment?

In general, Motif employs full-time staff. Although there are a few exceptions in specific programs, there are many more opportunities for those who seek full-time employment.

Are there international opportunities within Motif?

Yes, there are. Motif is a global company which is expanding its footprint and has leveraged its talent to start new operations. Local talent is the main source for staffing new operations but specialization and experience gain opportunities for travelling, temporary assignments and international relocation.