About motif

Motif offers world-class facilities at its global delivery centers located in Ahmedabad, India and Manila, Philippines. Basis client requirements, Motif identifies the most suitable location to provide the respective service basis its capabilities and skill sets available, and offers most optimized cost and talent to its clients.

Every Motif client is assured of 100% confidentiality and privacy at all the delivery centers. Motif adheres to rigorous physical, network and data security measures that ensure zero breach of confidentiality.


Our delivery center in India is located in the city of Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat. It is our center of excellence for business services, knowledge services and customer support services and has been operational since inception in 2000.

Ahmedabad is an education hub, producing a large pool of English-speaking college graduates every year. It is one of the fastest growing cities in India and is emerging as a preferred destination for youngsters to make a career in the BPO / KPO industry. It is one of the safest cities to live in India, offers efficient transportation and shorter commute to work and a better work-life balance compared to the top 5 cities of India. Motif attracts the required talent to its Ahmedabad delivery center as it is a preferred employer of choice in Gujarat amongst BPO/KPOs and is ranked amongst the best BPO/KPO companies in the state of Gujarat.


Our delivery center in Manila features the latest technology from Avaya and Cisco. The Manila center is located in the e-commerce Plaza in Metro Manila, a safe and secure upscale area, featuring offices, residential condominiums, dining and entertainment.

Similar to India, Philippines too has become an attractive location to offshore business process outsourcing and Contact Center Services, due to the highly skilled, fluent English-speaking workforce, in addition to high quality telecommunications infrastructure and competitive wage rates. Philippines is widely recognized as the premier destination for offshore voice services. This is our Center of Excellence for Contact Center Services offering multilingual and multi channel support including English and Spanish language support via phone, email and chat.