Capability Building & Continuous Learning

At Motif, employee capability building programmes are defined and specifically-designed to realize the Company's vision of growth and development. These programmes help our people identify and work on areas that are critical to the Business competitive advantage and achieving growth plan.

Our Learning & Development (L&D) department is the platform on which leadership building programmes are conducted. The overall philosophy of these programmes is founded on the belief that the grooming of business and emerging leaders requires a multi-pronged approach involving conceptual and reflective learning, a deep insight into one's own beliefs, values and attitudes, action learning and internalization for better effectiveness as individuals and leaders.

Behavioral Training

Our employees are our competitive advantage. Our employees create extraordinary results for our customers and stakeholders on a continuous basis. Effective Learning and Development at Motif Inc ensures right people with right skills at the right time, who are aligned with our organizational Vision and Values and deliver on organizational commitments.

Both formal and informal Learning and Development programs ensure that our employees have access to a range of professional development opportunities. Formal Cognitive & Behavioral training as well as functional skills for fresher and lateral recruits are administered through our Training and Development programs. On-the-job, classroom as well as off- site training and development methods are used as appropriate.

Motif University

Motif Inc. recognizes that its success depends on its employees and that to remain amongst the best in the industry it must always seek ways to improve the standards and performance of its employees. In order to achieve the same, we have an in-house Motif University wherein the employees register themselves for the various short term Soft Skills training courses for Self-development and all the trainings are conducted by our experienced Trainers.