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    Motif offers primary and secondary market research, inventory analytics and pricing analytics with competitor intelligence...

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  • NPS Analytics

    Motif performs net promoter score surveys and analytics and NPS predictive modeling for actionable insights into customer experience.

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Motif is a customer centric services provider of contact center outsourcing solutions over voice, email and chat, strengthening customer relationships through service optimization. Our continuous improvement methodology coupled with predictive analytic delivers differentiated services, providing our clients with a competitive advantage. Since customer support is a critical human touch point for eCommerce companies, Motif enables revenue enhancement by maximizing each opportunity.

Key Highlights
  • Provide customized outsourcing services to Fortune 500, mid-market companies covering entire life cycle of online customer experience
  • Broad eCommerce – online travel, online retail, financial services experience
  • Engage highly knowledgeable team in understanding business goals
  • Over 1,500 experienced customer service representatives deliver multilingual support on a 24x7 basis including English and Spanish languages
  • We offer a global service delivery model through our state-of-the-art delivery centers located in India and Philippines
  • Design customized, innovative and scalable solutions
  • Global locations – US, India and Philippines
  • Provide real time support and faster turnaround through 24 x 7 Operations
  • Processed over 50 million transactions
  • Highly secure and best-in-class technology infrastructure
  • PCI compliant, ISO/IEC 27001 certified
  • Active corporate social responsibility
Services & Solutions

As organizations increasingly outsource customer support, they look for partnerships that help them provide a superior customer experience, strengthening customer relationships and maximizing revenues. In this context, the questions they face are:

  • Does your customer support provide strategic support to meet your business expansion requirements?
  • Do you leverage social media networks for wider reach in issue resolution?
  • Do you perform predictive and transaction analytics for actionable insights that help in enhancing the site experience and agent knowledge?

Motif's customer support services are modularized, allowing clients to select a combination of functions, languages, channels, service levels and delivery centers. Clients benefit from our flexibility in meeting their global requirements.

Methodology & Tools

Motif has developed a robust methodology through the Service Delivery Engine that enables us to deliver rapid transition, stabilization and continuous improvement. Supported by our unique Autonomics toolkit, training and governance, we provide zero-surprise transition, exceed SLAs and deliver an enhanced customer experience.


Motif ensures seamless migration with minimal disruption during first-time transitions as well as product and market launches. With complete control over the process life cycle, we ensure end-to-end project management while monitoring multiple components through the project cycle. View image


Motif ensures rapid stabilization with efficiency and productivity gains through a metrics-driven approach, flexible workforce management and clear communication with clients, delivering faster learning curves and process improvements. View image

Continuous Improvement

Motif's continuous improvement methodology delivers enhanced year-on-year ROI through constant analysis focusing on the key drivers. We use the Six Sigma DMAIC methodology and root cause analysis to drive continuous improvements. View image


Motif trainers work as an integral part of the project team in charge of transition and the floor management team. Through customized training design based on client-specific service requirements, they form a critical component of our service delivery framework.



Motif has a well-established governance model in place that guides our teams towards working in close partnership with clients. We balance stakeholder needs, holding multiple levels of interactions across hierarchical roles with pre-defined objectives and category of information sharing. We ensure regular formal and informal communication and information exchange to build transparency, client satisfaction and deliver services that go beyond meeting SLAs.

Quality Assurance

Motif applies a systematic Quality Assurance process, operating on the basis of PDCA - plan, do, check, act. We offer continuous improvements in addition to meeting quality deliverables during transition, launch and expansion phases. Motif's QA mechanism is based on internal targets that are set higher than client targets.

QA is an integral part of the entire customer support process, involving the governance structure, agent response and process adherence as well as performance enhancement through alerts and analysis. Weekly individual and group coaching and feedback sessions based on QA analysis ensures continuous feedback to agents and in defining their training requirements.

Case Studies
Motif enhances NPS, CSAT, reduces Customer Contacts to E-Commerce Company
The client is amongst the world’s leading e-commerce websites, providing a portal for individuals and small businesses to make online sale and purchase of an assortment of goods and services. With over 10 million members, growing complexity in customer and support processes and falling NPS, the client stood to lose market share. Motif provided email and chat support for general support, billing in addition to providing Online Community Fraud Prevention. Motif has been holding this client relationship since 2001, constantly adding new services and improving ROI. We have consistently performed above client SLAs for NPS, CSAT while reducing the number of Customer Contacts.
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Motif enhances NPS for Online Retailer
The client is one of the world's largest online media exchange companies for used books, movies and CDs, with 15 million annual visitors to its website. The client had to overcome the challenges of launching a new support channel while reducing response time and re-contacts. Motif analyzed email volume data, identifying time-sensitive and critical issues with maximum impact on customer satisfaction and sales. Motif launched chat for these specific issues, helping stabilize the process rapidly. With effective communication that saw 3 concurrent chats being handled successfully and reduced turnaround time, the Net Promoter Score’s positive rating rose by over 15 percentage points.
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Motif Delivers Comprehensive Customer Support to Online Travel Company
A leading online travel service provider offering services globally required support for sales, billing and technical issues. Motif provided 400 seats with fully trained agents delivering email, voice and back-office support for pre- and post-sales, billing and technical issues related to air schedule changes and refunds. This involved general customer support, cancellations, financial transactions, quality assurance, content moderation, fraud prevention and social media services. In addition, Motif offered research services in the form of hotel amenity surveys, rental partner research and content moderation of travelers’ reviews posted on the site. Motif has been the customer support provider to the vendor since 2001, holding a preferred vendor status and is the client’s strategic partner to test and implement new initiatives and programs.