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Motif provides Online Community Fraud Prevention services, filtering seller-listed products and services over client platforms. Motif also moderates user-generated content over client websites and communities. We use a combination of automated filters and human judgment to maintain the integrity of client's website, making it a safe, healthy place to transact online business.

  • Motif has been delivering product moderation services, filtering seller-listed items since 2007 for a global e-commerce company that brings together buyers and sellers over their platform
  • Motif has also been ensuring content moderation for user-generated reviews over a leading US-based online travel company.

Online Community Fraud Prevention

Motif offers Online Community Fraud Prevention for seller-listed products and services for e-commerce, online retail and online travel industries. We monitor, analyze and control product, service listings, preventing illegal, fraudulent and misleading listings which cause loss to buyers, leading to loss of trust in the client.

Key Highlights
  • Motif uses a combination of automated filters and human judgment to monitor, identify, analyze and act on third-party listings and user-generated content
  • We consistently apply client policies and guidelines to ensure healthy transactions
  • We identify misleading and fraudulent product, service listings while providing accurate authentication to genuine listings
  • Our 24x7 service ensures that client websites continually display accurate and appropriate content
  • Motif's use of its unique framework, Autonomics, which involves knowledge management, best practices and technology ensures greater accuracy and continuous improvement of fraud filters to meet the changing tactics of fraud perpetrators
  • Our skilled investigators create new filters continuously, enhancing the efficiency of automated filters. We have increased the filter efficiency from 6 to 64% for an e-commerce client, reducing the number of suspicious listings requiring human investigation.
Services & Solutions

E-commerce companies that provide a platform to bring buyers and sellers together face the challenge of maintaining the platform's integrity. Seller-listed products and services must be monitored and filtered to prevent illegal, fraudulent or misleading listings.

The questions e-commerce, travel and online retail companies face are:

  • Are you able to ensure that seller-listed items over your platform are accurate and adhere to company policies and the legal requirements?
  • Do you accurately authenticate genuine listings?
  • Do you prevent unhealthy or misleading user reviews from being posted on your site?
Case Studies
Motif performs Online Community Fraud Prevention for E-Commerce Company: Prevents Fraudulent, Misleading Sales
The client site hosts over 15 million items listed under 13,000 product categories, with a large customer base of over 10 million. The client faced the challenge of fake brands, unlawful products, banned services or items that violated patent and copyright issues which led to loss of credibility and revenue to the client. Assigning a dedicated senior team with prior experience in the client's processes, Motif helped define performance metrics and stretch targets. Phased nesting and rigorous training ensured rapid transition and stabilization, leading to vastly improved coverage of reviewed items and lower fraud levels. Continuous improvements are ensured with increased filter efficiency while increasing coverage of listings by 25%.
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