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Motif offers a comprehensive Online Credit Card Fraud Prevention solution to mid-market and Fortune 500 e-commerce companies in the retail, travel and financial services industries. Our solution protects online transactions related to credit card fraud and transactions with card not present . We offer 24x7 support with a unique combination of leading fraud technology coupled with verification by highly skilled investigators which helps companies reduce chargebacks and losses. This results in improved bottom-line as well as increased customer confidence and good reputation for our clients.

Key Highlights
  • Motif offers a fully managed online credit card fraud prevention solution to e-commerce, retail, travel, online payment verticals
  • Motif has extensive experience in fraud prevention and has delivered 500% ROI to our customers
  • Motif has partnered with 41st Parameter, leaders in fraud prevention technology and offers a fully managed and hosted fraud prevention solution
  • Motif's team of experienced investigators help our clients continuously improve fraud filters and reduce chargebacks. Our investigators identify, prioritize and analyze transactions, investigate inconsistencies to prevent fraud with high accuracy
  • For companies with their own technology, Motif's investigators work with the company's fraud prevention technology, delivering continuous improvement in fraud prevention
  • Our round-the-clock monitoring assures clients of timely fraud prevention globally
  • Motif is ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified and PCI-DSS compliant, implementing stringent physical, network and data security practices which ensure the security of sensitive cardholder information.
Services & Solutions

The increase in e-commerce and internet-related businesses has also witnessed a significant increase in fraudulent transactions. Online retailers, travel and e-commerce companies face the challenge of preventing fraud before the transaction is complete, requiring a robust fraud detection technology as well as skilled resources to monitor transactions on a real-time basis. When assessing their existing solution or choosing a new solution, the questions they face are:

  • Is the solution significantly lowering chargebacks and bad debts?
  • Are the costs of technology and resources spiraling upwards?
  • Does the solution provide real-time, 24x7 monitoring?

Motif provides flexibility of choice to companies to meet their unique Online Credit Card Fraud Prevention requirements.

Applied Fraud Solution

For companies with in-house fraud technology, Motif provides support through our team of skilled investigators who review the exception cases and allow only genuine transactions to go through. Motif's experienced team also helps these companies constantly improve fraud filters and blacklist fraudsters, which helps reduce the review rates, thereby keeping costs manageable.

Managed Fraud Solution

Motif has also partnered with the world's leading fraud technology company, 41st Parameter to offer a managed solution to companies who do not have a robust fraud technology. We host the 41st Parameter fraud engine, FraudNet, reducing review rates significantly through this advanced technology. In addition, our team of experienced investigators performs fraud reviews, enabling companies to reduce chargebacks at significantly reduced investment.

Methodology & Tools

Motif's high accuracy in fraud prevention is the result of Autonomics which incorporates knowledge, best practices and technology. Our process-driven methodology, fraud detection filters and knowledge management support our skilled investigators in detecting and preventing online credit card fraud.

Motif uses a range of proprietary and online tools for efficiency and accuracy. These include fraud filters, online tools for verification, internal dashboards and CSAT scanners to ensure comprehensive online credit card fraud prevention and customer support.

Stringent quality assurance process and continuous updation of knowledge management play a key role in ensuring accuracy in decisions across the four phases of fraud prevention. Specialized recruitment with customized tests, criminal background verification, credit and reputation risk as well as database checks are performed to ensure security and candidate suitability for fraud prevention tasks.

Identify & Prioritize

Based on parameters that include immediacy of purchase, customer's history, type of product, policy and guideline violations, Motif's skilled investigators evaluate the nature and degree of severity of suspicion. Transactions are prioritized for analysis and further action.


Subsequently, Motif's team analyzes transactions based on customer's adherence to policies, product authenticity, transaction history, identity verification and consistency of data provided, among other factors.


Once suspicious investigations are flagged, the bank or credit card company, card holder, vendor-partner are contacted to verify the cardholder's identity and transaction details. Research tools are used for authentication of information.

Prevent & Control

Based on information match, investigators decide on the course of action – one-time cancellation of the transaction, ban on future transactions or flagging as potential threat. At the same time, filters are created or updated, resulting in continually improved fraud detection algorithms and enhanced knowledge base.

This process ensures that the challenges involved in fraud prevention are handled successfully:

  • Identifying fraud with limited information
  • Prioritizing high risk transactions
  • Eliminating the risk of identifying genuine transactions as fraudulent
  • Managing the process despite the lack of round-the-clock access to customers and banks round the clock.
Case Studies
Motif provides Round-the-Clock Fraud Prevention with High Accuracy to Online Travel Service Provider
A leading online travel service provider offering bookings for hotel stay, rental cars, airline tickets, vacation packages, destination services and cruises globally faced the limitation of performing in-house fraud prevention only during business hours and to transactions that could lead to high fraud-related losses. Motif stabilized operations rapidly to provide seamless transition and quick ramp-up to deliver proactive online credit card fraud prevention across the globe. Using custom filters, pre-defined and continually evolving rules with intervention by skilled fraud investigators, Motif has provided over 500% ROI to the client. Read more