About motif

We work as an extension of our clients’ teams and help them improve customer experience by building loyalty through customer interactions, mitigating risks in online transactions, providing critical business and customer intelligence and increasing efficiency while reducing costs through internal back office processes.Motif takes pride in developing flexible solutions that achieve unmatched quality and ongoing productivity gains for our clients.

We engage highly knowledgeable teams in understanding business requirements/challenges and goals and design customized, innovative and scalable solutions. We provide real time support and faster turnaround times through 24 x 7 operations from our highly secure and best-in-class technology infrastructure across our global locations.

Our services include multi-channel and multi-lingual Contact Center services including email, voice and chat;Customer Interaction Services including pre sales query resolution, inside sales, post sales support, technical support, refunds, escalation resolution; Fraud Prevention and Site Monitoring Services; Research & Analytics and Back Office Support Services.

Motif has an experienced and dynamic leadership team that represents over 200 years of international experience with companies such as McKinsey & Co., Boston Consulting Group, Sun Microsystems, Inc., Intel and AT&T. Motif's strong talent management practices sustain employee retention, enabling us to build flexible and creative staffing models for greater efficiency and enhanced service levels.We have a unique continuous improvement methodology, backed by proprietary quality assurance tools and systems, and rigorous hiring and training standards.