Business Research & Analytics NPS Analytics

Motif provides market research and data analytics services that include primary and secondary research, data gathering, cleaning and analysis. We have performed inventory tracking, competitor and pricing analytics as well as market surveys, helping our clients track customers, products and competition. Through our data cleaning and analytics, we convert raw data into actionable insights that enhance revenues and help clients gain competitive advantage.

Services & Solutions

We offer solutions to the questions companies face while taking business decisions:

  • What are my customers’ preferences, practices and needs?
  • How do I track fast moving and slow moving products?
  • How do I price my products and services to gain customer loyalty and competitive advantage?

Market Research & Competitor Intelligence

Motif offers market surveys with primary and secondary research and analytics that deliver indepth knowledge of the industry. We track customer preferences, opinions and usage patterns, delivering actionable insights. These insights help our clients create product and service portfolios that meet their end-customer requirements. We offer competitor intelligence with comparison of products as well as customer opinion, helping clients take corrective action and position themselves effectively.

Pricing Analytics

Motif delivers pricing analytics with research on customer behavior in response to pricing changes, value to customer based on competitor pricing, price testing for discounts and bundled offers. Motif’s analytics allow clients to optimize their price points and base pricing decisions on real insights into customer, competitor and market conditions. In the process, clients enhance end-customer loyalty and gain competitive advantage in the market.

Inventory Analytics

Motif performs inventory analytics, allowing clients to identify fast and slow-moving items, bottle-necks and end-customer preferences. We use product and customer segmentation to arrive at deeper insights into inventory and stock movement while performing comparison with competitor products to arrive at inventory optimization. In the process, we help clients reduce costs, take early action overdead or slow moving stock, predict future requirement and enhance end-customer satisfaction through on-time product delivery.

Case Study

Motif delivers 80% cost savings to e-commerce company through inventory analytics and competitor comparison

The client is a leading e-commerce company, where sellers list their products and services for sale. Motif tracks products through automatic scanning, performs human analysis, resulting in 600 top selling products out of the 35,000+ listing on the site. We perform comparison with competitor listings delivering inventory analysis and competitor benchmarking.